If you cannot afford to pay the IRS, Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status is a great option. It can give you the time you need to improve your financial situation while stopping the IRS from actively attempting to collect money from you. It doesn't write off your debt, but it may give you some breathing room for a while.

Payment Plans

If you owe the IRS more than you are able to come up with, you may be able to settle up with them over time.  Your finances will dictate whether or not you qualify for a payment plan and how much your monthly payments will be. If you qualify for a plan it is a great way to resolve your IRS debt. Consider an installment agreement.

OIC - Settlements

The IRS offers taxpayers an opportunity to potentially settle their debts for less than they owe through an offer in compromise. Your financial situation and an analysis of your individual tax debt will play important roles in coming to this type of settlement with the Internal Revenue Service.


Tax Resolution Services

Every case is different and no two clients will ever have the same exact tax resolution needs.  While some may need help with installment plans, offers in compromise or proving to the IRS that they can't currently pay anything, other clients may need assistance with penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, federal tax liens, levies or wage garnishment.

Services Not Provided

CNC Tax is in business to help people from across the country resolve their federal (IRS) tax debts. CNC Tax attorney Josh Madsen does not handle state tax debts, tax preparation, accounting services or criminal defense for situations involving tax crimes.  CNC Tax does not provide tax advice or business planning services.  Josh Madsen's focus is on helping people resolve their tax debts. Let him tell you how he can help.


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